Famous Pharaohs: 10 Incredible Facts About Ramses II

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The greatest pharaoh that was ever known to grace the lands of Ancient Egypt was Ramses II, who was also known Ramses the Great, The One Chosen by Ra, as well as Ozymandias. He lived to reach a great 96 years before passing away. In his lifetime he was adored by millions and wed the queens Nefertari, Isetnofret, Nebettawy, Henutmire, Nefertari, Meritamen, Maathorneferure, as well as Bintanath. His first and chief wife, Nefertari, was his favorite spouse. He fathered more than a hundred children. Ramses II is responsible for many great agricultural and architectural feats within ancient Egypt, as well as some of the greatest battles won in his time due to his superior military knowledge. He ruled Egypt alongside his father Seti I, until he had the domain all to himself. Later, he would then be succeeded by his 13th infant son.

For more facts about this famous pharaoh, read on:

Fact 1: Ramses II, fondly known as Ramses the Great, was a sublime ruler and was loved by all who surrounded him (except his enemies and the vanquished, of course). In fact, he was so loved, that it was believed he fathered at roughly a hundred-and-sixty children in his life time! That’s A LOT of birthdays and awkward puberty stages the guy has to go through. Dang.

Fact 2: The great pharaoh was smitten by his first and true love. His favorite, as well as the most dominant wife figure in the span of his reign, was the Queen Nefartari. She was widely known for her charm, sweet disposition, as well as kind spirit. She bore Ramses II seven children before she passed away. Back when the wives of the great pharaohs were only depicted as miniscule figurines and statues, those of Nefertiti’s were of equal size, situated side by side to that of Ramses the Great’s. Ah, first love. She had died 54 years earlier than her counterpart.

Fact 3: This guy was pretty vain. The pharaoh, for all the greatness bestowed upon him, was in fact, quite vain as all pharaohs were known to be. Ramses, however, took it up a notch by having colossal temples erected for the sole purpose of worshipping him. As if having your face and name plastered on every significant wall or temple wasn’t enough, the pharaoh wanted multiple huge temples as reminders of his greatness put up too. They weren’t even all that pretty, and were only remarkable due to its sheer size.

Fact 4: Ramses II was considered great for many things; his agricultural skills and ingenuity, for one, and his impeccable military leadership skills for another. He was believed to have led great armies consisting of 100,000 loyal and passionate warriors to victory on more occasions than one. His conquests and campaigns have led him as far as Syria, as well as Lybia. He was also able to reclaim territory from the Nubians and the Hittites.

Fact 5: The golden pharaoh often went by many names, as he was adored by the thousands. When he had ascended to the throne, he was blessed with the title ‘Ba-en-re Mery-netjeru’, which translates to ‘The Idol of Ra, Ruler Of The Gods”. What an honor.

Fact 6: The greatest pharaoh in all of Ancient Egypt was a fighter! He lived to be a whopping 96 years before passing away! He even out lived most of his children and grandchildren! His thirteenth son, who goes by the name of Merneptah, was 60 years old when he was able to take the throne for himself! What did those Egyptians eat?!

Fact 7: There is a special festival held for great kings and pharaohs who live a wise and tender age. One you’re inducted to this cozy little circle of seasoned and weathered rules, the Sed Festival transform you from a king, into a god. Now that’s awesome.

Fact 8: Ramsey II was the first historical figure known to have signed the first ever documented Peace Treaty, during a period of time where war and political unrest were as common as seeing a loaf of bread inside a bakery.

Fact 9: In several cases, Ramses II has been likened with the Pharaoh in the bible. In Moses’ tale, to be specific. Both the pharaoh in the bible and Ramses II were both known to be the only well groomed, presentable, ad intelligent.

Fact 10: Ramses II rose to power at the ripe age of 15, as the Prince of Egypt. By the time he turned 22 years old, he was leading armies and emerging victorious. Not long after, he would then succeed his father and become known as the greatest pharaoh Egypt has ever had.

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