Facts Chart On Vegetables: Demerits, Merits And More

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vegetables-752153_1280How many of you know that celery is the most hated vegetable of UK or that avocado tops the hate list of children or that brussels sprouts is the number one vegetable in the list of world’s most hated? Yes, there are many more such interesting facts you should know about your vegetables.

Vegetables are just not only about merits. They have demerits as well, though in lesser number than its merit count. For example, the famous potato disease, called Late Blight, killed almost half a million people years back.

Therefore, go through the pointers below to actually know about the other side of the topic, the top 10 striking disadvantages of vegetables:

  1. Leads to intestinal gas formation: Vegetables usually contain sugars which gets difficult at times to break down in your digested tract. Reaching your colon, bacteria feeds on the undigested material, leading to gas formation.

  2. Calorie count: Vegetables like sweet potatoes and white potatoes are very high in calorie count, thus even when consumed in smaller quantities, it gives you a burst of calories.

  3. Bad for diabetes or prediabetes: Again potatoes release sugar in large quantities and affect your sugar level after being consumed. Therefore, its consumption is bad for diabetes patients.

  4. No taste: Vegetables actually misses to have a consistent taste. They are naturally mostly either sour or astringent in taste and doesn’t taste that good especially when consumed raw.

  5. Use of pesticides: Neurotoxins present in pesticides is very bad for child’s development and may also affect the nervous system in young children. Its consumption can also lead to other chronic health issues.

  6. Lack of Vitamin B12: Vegetarians, who survive only on vegetables, seem to lack Vitamin B12, and their kids also suffer, mainly in developmental and nutritional aspects.

  7. Low in protein: Diets which only revolves around fruits and vegetables are low in protein, leading to gas formation as discussed above, bloating, and weakness and will at times also make you feel lazy throughout the day.

  8. Even bad when consumed frozen: Frozen foods are high in sodium, leading to high BP, heart diseases and stroke chances.

  9. Worse when canned: Even canned vegetables are not a good option. Canned foods mostly come with peeled skin, reducing its fiber content, losing on certain important nutrients as well like Vitamin C.

  10. Myth about eating raw vegetables: Consumption of raw vegetables is no better at times, missing out on nutrients like zinc, iron, Vitamin D, calcium etc. Also, there are chances of it getting more exposed to bacteria and viruses.

However, besides demerits, there are also other interesting facts about vegetables you should know. Facts like potatoes first were discovered in Europe, way back in 1586, or that a horn-worm can eat a whole tomato plant just in one day or even interesting, that tomatoes were referred as ‘Apple of Love’ by the French, at one era of time.

But apart from demerits and fun facts, vegetables also have a list of merits. To bring them in a list quickly, we can begin with broccoli, the vegetable George H.W. Bush banned from the White House when he was elected as the President, which apparently contains more protein than steak, as per researchers. And that Brussels sprouts, the most hated veggie, is actually packed with vitamins and minerals and surprisingly has no calories, no fat and no cholesterol.

In general, vegetables are packed with fiber, reduces the risk of diseases, are rich in vitamins and minerals and has actually more anti-oxidants stored in it than meat. So if you are looking at a cheaper alternative to have a healthy skin and body, nothing can beat the qualities of veggies.


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