Facts About Thomas Edison

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Many people know Thomas Edison as a great inventor.   Among his most famous inventions are the classic light bulb and the phonograph.  With these inventions alone, Thomas Alva Edison is considered one of the greatest contributors to science and technology.  With over 1000 patents credited to his name, Thomas Edison has become a famous person then and now.  Aside from being bright and gifted, there are other interesting facts about Thomas Edison with some listed below:

Fact 1: Thomas Edison first became a salesman before he became a genius inventor.  Back when he was still young, Thomas Edison was known to sell paper, fruits, and other items to the people around railroad area he grew up in.

Fact 2:  Thomas Edison was actually deaf.  Despite this disability, Thomas Edison was able to work his way from being a salesman, to an employee, up to becoming an inventor and owner of several businesses and patents.

Fact 3:  The young Thomas Edison got his knowledge mostly from home-schooling.  With the help and support of his mother, Thomas Edison basically learned from home and made himself an important figure in world history especially in the fields of science and technology.

Fact 4:  The word “hello” as a telephone greeting is said to be coined by Thomas Edison.  During his time, Edison was said to have felt that using hello on the phone was appropriate and practical.

Fact 5:  Thomas Edison was considered the most famous personality in the era of newspapers and magazines. With his world-record number of patents and inventions, Edison was a frequent feature in various daily papers and magazines during his time.

Fact 6:  Thomas Edison was friends with other famous people like Henry Ford.  Henry Ford was founder of the automobile company of the same name and also became an important contributor to the American industrial revolution.

Fact 7:  The movie industry was basically born with the invention of the motion-picture camera by Thomas Edison.  Called the kinetograph, the first movie camera was able to produce 16 photos per foot of film.

Fact 8:  Not many people may know but Thomas Edison also became an important figure in the US Navy.  As a presider to the US Navy Consulting Board during World War I, Edison contributed several inventions like underwater searchlights and other instruments for defense systems.

Fact 9:  Thomas Edison gave his first two kids the names of Dot and Dash.  These nicknames were given in honor of his work on the telegraph.

Fact 10: Edison’s proposal to his second wife was said to be made using Morse code.   This move earned Mr. Thomas Edison a reputation of being very interesting and amusing.

Fact 11:  Thomas Edison is a regular guy who loves to eat pies.  In his younger days, many of his closest friends would joke about his passion for pies and that he ate them by the yard.

Fact 12:  American Independence Day every July 4th is a favorite holiday of Thomas Edison.  He celebrates this day with merry-making and fireworks of his own.

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