Facts About the Loveable Yellow Lab

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The Yellow Lab, or Labrador Retriever, is well known to be a smart, playful, and loyal dog. They are in the category of the larger breeds, but they are not regarded as guard dogs due to their nature and were mostly used as hunting companions. Here are 10 facts about the lovable mutt that has been one of man’s best friends:


Fact 1: Due to their history of helping their masters in the field of hunting, Labradors are known to have amazing control with the pressure they exert through their jaws. They can carry an egg in their mouth without cracking it.


Fact 2: While Yellow Labs are quite playful and energetic, they are well-behaved when they are within their fenced area and are not typically known to try to escape.


Fact 3: A Labrador Retriever’s tolerance to pain is high which is why they are most commonly used in rescue work and other physical activities.


Fact 4: Labradors are the only known breed of dogs to have webbed feet which makes them excellent swimmers as well.


Fact 5: The very first known Yellow Lab was born in 1899 and was named Ben of Hyde.


Fact 6: Labradors come in only three types of color; black, yellow, and brown.


Fact 7: Labradors are notorious for having an almost bottomless stomach and will eat almost all the time as long they are given food. It is necessary to help them lose weight in order to avoid being overweight.


Fact 8: Yellow Labs are one of the most social breeds of dogs, and it’s important that they are not left alone too much when taking care of one.


Fact 9: There is no such thing as a ‘œGolden Labrador’ breed. They are either a Golden Retriever or a Labrador Retriever.


Fact 10: Labradors are not watchdogs, and on the off chance that they bark at a stranger, it is due to joy rather than as a warning.


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