Facts About The Legendary Hero Hercules

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Greek mythology has always been a spring of unique and interesting characters. From the numerous gods residing in Olympus as well as the hundreds of mythical beings that populate this fantastical world, the realm of Greek mythology has been one of the main sources of inspiration for a lot of people. Today let’s talk about its most famous hero, the demigod named Hercules. How much do we know about this heroic figure? Here is some interesting information about the heroic figure:


Fact 1: It is quite ironic that the name ‘œHercules’ translates into ‘œGlory of Hera’ as everyone knows (thanks in part to Sam Raimi’s television series) that Hera is one of Hercule’s primary antagonists.


Fact 2: Hercules, while a great and noble hero, had committed an unspeakable sin when he murdered his wife, Megara, and their children in a blind rage cast upon him by his stepmother, the goddess Hera.


Fact 3: Among the myriad of mythical heroic characters, Hercules is widely considered to be the perfect example of most literary experts.


Fact 4: Hercules was just a few of the immortal demigods in Greek mythology. He achieved this by drinking the goddess Hera’s milk while still an infant.


Fact 5: In Greek mythology, it was actually Hercules that created the Milky Way when Hera threw him away while still suckling from her breast.


Fact 6: Hercules was not only known to have unsurpassed strength but also a sexual appetite. A story involves the demigod impregnating 50 sisters in a single day.


Fact 7: While Hera is the most well-known adversary of Hercules, there is another that can be considered much more dangerous and was actually the one to succeed in ‘œkilling’ the demigod, the centaur Nessus.


Fact 8: There are various stories on how Hercules eventually met his demise; the most popular one is by the hand of Nessus who tricked Hercule’s second wife into giving him a robe doused with Nessus’ blood which was poison.


Fact 9: Hercules’ father may be Zeus, but he had a couple of mortal stepfathers throughout his life; the first stepfather was Ampithryon, the second  was Radamanthes who was also his mentor, and the third is King Minos of Crete.


Fact 10: Based on mythical accounts of Hercules’ adventures, it can be stated that he had 53 offspring during his lifetime.


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