Facts About Texas

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The second state with the highest population in the United States of America is known to be Texas, and it is also known to be the second largest state in the country. Texas is found in the south central area of the country and has an area of 268,820 square miles. The state is larger than France by 10 percent and can be measured as twice as large as Germany or Japan.

Fact 1: The name ‘œTexas’ originated from the Caddo word ‘œtejas.’ This word means ‘œfriends’ or ‘œallies.’

Fact 2: There are six flags which had flown over the state of Texas. This means many countries have wanted to colonize Texas. These countries are: Spain, the Republic of Texas, France, United States of America, Mexico, and the Confederacy.

Fact 3: There are ten biggest cities in the country, and three of them are found in Texas. These cities are: Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

Fact 4: There are approximately 15 million cattle living in Texas, and the approximate number of people is 18 million making it have a slight difference.

Fact 5: Currently, Texas is a home for deer with their approximate number of 2.5 million, and for the alligators having an approximate number of 200,000 in population.

Fact 6: Texas is abundant in natural resources as well as agricultural products. It is known to be the primary producer of natural gas, oil, beef, goats, sheep, wool, cotton, watermelons, and rice.

Fact 7: In Texas, there are more than 700 local museums.

Fact 8: Being the second largest state in the country, Texas has a total of 257 counties.

Fact 9: ‘œDing Dong’ which is common for most people as a sound of the doorbell, is a name of one of the counties in Texas.

Fact 10: The Dallas World Aquarium is a tourist spot in Texas where people would be able to see unusual animals and other underwater creatures.

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