Facts About Teeth

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When talking about teeth many people may squirm on the idea of having to go to the dentist for regular cleaning and check-ups. As people already know, having healthy teeth is always a priority.  Many illnesses may even develop because of bad teeth and/or poor oral hygiene.  A person’s set of teeth is also composed of different shapes and sizes with different purposes.  Besides their basic functions, the teeth found in humans also possess various attributes that make them quite interesting.  Here are some of them:

Fact 1:  Humans will have only have 2 sets of teeth in their lifetime.  As adults have experienced, the first set of teeth called milk teeth, will basically fall off one by one by around 6 to 12 years of age.  The next set of teeth is the last set and referred to as permanent teeth.

Fact 2:  Teeth in humans are the strongest parts of the human body.  Thanks to enamel, the teeth are highly protected for its various functions.

Fact 3:  The human set of teeth is considered so unique that no two sets are alike.  Each person has a different set of teeth from the others. This explains why dental records are often used to help identify victims of crimes and accidents and in other forensic cases.

Fact 4:  The tooth-design craze actually began during the ancient times.  At present, some people like celebrities adorn their teeth with gold and other gems.  This trend in decorating teeth is not actually a modern craze but rather originated from the ancient times.  The Mayan people of Peru for example were known to drill holes in their tooth and put gem stones on them for aesthetic purposes.

Fact 5:  Teeth in babies actually start to develop even when they are still in the womb.  One or two milk teeth in newborns may only come out in 6 months time but these teeth actually started to develop already when the baby is unborn yet.

Fact 6:  Barbers and blacksmiths were the dentists of the old times.  Back in the time when there were no dental professionals yet, dental care was the duty of some blacksmiths and barbers.  Using various tools, many of them performed tooth extractions and cleaning in the streets.

Fact 7:  Tooth-brushing is also an ancient ritual.  People nowadays use plastic toothbrushes from infancy up to adulthood for oral hygiene purposes.  People in the ancient times actually had their own versions of toothbrushes for the same purpose.  Sticks and twigs from trees were the initial tools used for dental care.

Fact 8:  Many toothbrushes actually contain more germs than what is expected.  Most toothbrushes are said to be placed near toilet bowls and this is what causes the contamination. With air-borne microorganisms, some toothbrushes will have a great chance of contamination and exposure to these harmful germs.

Fact 9:  Only two-thirds of the teeth come out and get exposed.  As much as one-third of all teeth are hidden under the gums.  This simply means that the roots are strong enough to hold the teeth in place.

Fact 10:  Immediate brushing of the teeth after meals is actually not so good of an idea.  The teeth are more acidic immediately after meals and this will cause faster erosion of the enamel especially when accompanied by brushing.

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