Facts About Swimming

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Swimming is one many activities that people of all ages can enjoy.  It can be done as a leisure activity or as part of competition.  Many people in ancient times are known to have swimming skills based on the images and carvings on pre-historic caves in Egypt.  Over the centuries, swimming has become a popular leisure activity and sport.  The following are some interesting facts that relate to swimming:

Fact 1:  Swimming was not included in the Olympic Games of Ancient Greece.  During those times, swimming was already popular but did not become an official Olympic sport until later.

Fact 2:  Among English knights and Japanese samurai, swimming is considered an essential skill.  For samurais, knowing how to swim is even considered noble.  As for the knights during the Middle Ages, the skill of swimming is part of their required agility tests.

Fact 3:  Swimming athletes are rock stars in Australia.  No other nation in the world is more passionate with the sport of swimming than in the so-called capital of swimming which is Australia.  The sport is so popular that their World and Olympic champions are revered as their biggest idols and celebrities.   Australian Olympic swimming champion Ian Thorpe is one of so many athletes that are huge celebrities in Australia.

Fact 4:  Breast stroke is considered as the oldest form of stroke in swimming.  Casual and non-competitive swimming evolved from this stroke which is also the slowest when done in competitions.

Fact 5:  More than half of swimming athletes across the world experience shoulder pain.  With so many hours spent practicing on the pool every single day, many swimmers will experience some form of wear-and-tear involving their shoulders with pain as the most common and expected symptom.

Fact 6:  Elephants are one of the best endurance swimmers in the animal kingdom. With the help of their trunks for breathing, elephants can actually swim for as long as 20 miles every single day.

Fact 7: The Titanic is the first cruise ship in the world to feature a swimming pool.  Back in those times, swimming pools were not yet a common amenity for cruise ships until the Titanic came along.  Since then, ships that are made for cruising and luxury travel feature swimming pools among many other amenities.

Fact 8:  The first swimming goggles were made from tortoise shells.  Back in the 1300’s, swimmers had to contend with the hard goggles made from the sturdy shells of tortoises.  It was not until the 1930’s that rubberized goggles were manufactured.

Fact 10:  The famous bikini used for swimming is said to be named after Bikini Atoll, a nuclear testing facility of the US located somewhere in the South Pacific region.

Fact 11:  The invention of the swimming fin is credited to Benjamin Franklin.  These fins are accessories that could help people swim a little faster than swimming without them.

 Fact 12:  Japan is the site of the first swimming races.  Records have shown that the first swimming competition was held in this country as early as 36 B.C.

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