Facts about Sheep

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One of the most peculiar and sweetest of all farm animals is the sheep. Usually found in rural areas, sheep are becoming a choice for many kids in larger cities. Here are some fun facts that will add to children’s knowledge about sheep.

Fact 1:

This planet holds around 900 different breeds of sheep, totalling around one billion sheep living on the earth. (Daneke Club, 2008)

Fact 2:

You will never find a thirsty sheep looking for a pond of stagnant water. They usually prefer running water for drinking. (Daneke Club, 2008)

Fact 3:

Out of all the different forms of red meat, lamb is amazingly low in cholesterol (Daneke Club, 2008)

Fact 4:

Sheep have 4 pairs of lower jaw incisors, but they do not have any upper incisors. (McBryde, 2003)

Fact 5:

Sheep live in herds or groups. It is very rare to find a sheep foraging all alone! (McBryde, 2003)

Fact 6:

The fat extracted from the body of the sheep is used to make candles and soaps. This fat is called the ‘œtallow’. (Cindy Hinton, 2009)

Fact 7:

Some fun facts about sheep reveal that sheep are too dumb to spot danger around them. They keep following the sheep ahead of them even if they are being lead the wrong way. Moreover, behavior experts say that the sheep is the most stubborn of all the animals; no matter what, a sheep will not move if it does not want to! (Old Time Gospel, 2009)

Fact 8:

Sheep are classified on the basis of the kind of wool they produce. (Old Time Gospel, 2009)

Fact 9:

China has more sheep inhabiting it than any other country in the world. (Science Kids, 2013)

Fact 10:

If a sheep is seen lying on its back, it must be helped up because sheep cannot get up from that position on their own. (Farm Chat, 2011)

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