Facts About Romania

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Romania is one of the countries to be found in Central Europe. The flag of this country is made of three colors, namely; red, yellow, and blue in a vertical stripes appearance. The capital of the country is known as Bucharest.

Fact 1: The name of the country, ‘œRomania,’ came from the Latin word ‘œromanus’ that means ‘œcitizens of Rome.’

Fact 2: Many years ago, Bucharest, which is the capital of Romania, is said to be the ‘œParis of the East.’

Fact 3: If people would want to travel to Romania by air, they can choose from the 53 airports that are found in the country, but some of them are under repair. Another thing about the air transportation in Romania is that there are 4 heliports in the country.

Fact 4: In Romania, people would want to visit the Sibiu County in which they would be able to find the village of Biertan. The village is famous for having many churches as well as scenic spots. In addition to that, the village’s popularity is increased because of mountain biking and hiking.

Fact 5: If people want to have another way of relaxation, then the place in Romania called Baile Felix that is found in Transylvania is the place to go to. The place is known to be a thermal spa resort that uses thermal water that possesses many kinds of minerals. It is also believed that the water can cure different sicknesses like polyarthritis and spondylitis.

Fact 6: The first person who had the perfect score of ten during the Olympic Games came from Romania, and she is Nadia Comaneci.

Fact 7: Romania became a well-known place for those people who love to see Dracula movies because the country is said to be the hometown of Dracula.

Fact 8: During the 15th to 16th centuries, the outside walls that can be found in the Churches of Moldavia are regarded as the Byzantine work of arts.

Fact 9: Romania is known to be one of the most wonderful countries to visit when it comes to the visitation of historical places.

Fact 10: There are many churches built with different kinds of architecture that are found in Romania, and most of them are historical.

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