Facts about Roberto Clemente

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Brief Intro:

Roberto Clemente was the first Latin-American sports star known for his 3000 sizzling career hits. He was born on August 18th, 1936 in Barrio San Anton, Carolina, Puerto Rica to Don Melchor Clemente and Luisa Walker. He was the youngest of the seven siblings. Clemente’s family was economically limited which demanded him to work aside as he pursued his passion for baseball.

Fact 1:

It was early in his childhood; Clemente was blessed to spot his passion in baseball. His talent was first roped in by Roberto Marin recruiting him to play softball. He furthered to join the Puerto Rico’s amateur league fuelling his career with a great start.

Fact 2:

Clement’s passion for baseball spurred out to professionalism when he signed a contract with the Cangrejeros de Santruce at the age of eighteen. Although he was initially a bench player sooner he progressed to a starting line-up in the next consecutive season.

Fact 3:

As Clements talent glittered, he confronted a chance to sign a contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers to play with the teams Triple-A subsidiary. This served as a gateway for him to appear in minor baseball league such as the Montreal Royals. The Pittsburgh Pirates observed that the skills of Clemente were being weighed lower as he still featured to be a bench player with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Fact 4:

In his initial days at The Pirates he experienced racial discrimination and responded “I don’t believe in colour”. As time wore off the Pirates bore the fruits of their labor in recruiting Clemente showed off packing them within the bags of victory in the World Series. Clemente’s impressive batting performance stole the show as he won 94 RBI s to earn his credit to the Star-berth.

Fact 5:

The page of Clemente’s victory then saw an important event that actually turned him into an all round player. He played the National league in the year 1960 where he succeeded to procure the Golden Glove Award for the first time and it was followed consecutively for another 12 seasons especially for fielding excellence.

Fact 6:

Marching back to his home town, in 1961 Clemente was celebrated by a mass of 18,000 people. He then entered into wedlock with Vera Zabala. In the year 1965, Clemente got his thighs injured preventing him from appearing to certain seasons and then he returned with a banging triumph.

Fact 7:

In the 1960s, Clemente claimed the National League batting title in the years 1961, 1964, 1965, and 1967. This was followed by the Most Valuable Player Award 1966. In the year 1967, he recorded a career high.

Fact 8:

The year 1971 turned out to be a year of pride for both Clemente and the Pittsburgh Pirates as they swept across the Baltimore Orioles in defeat. The Baltimore Orioles were crowned with the over 100 successful games and they literally proved to be a great threat to be handled. As the series drove off to an end Clemente was again honored with The World Series Most Valuable Player Award.

Fact 9:

Clemente devoted his life for Charity. In 1972, while on one of the missions to provide relief to the people struck between the claws of a massive earthquake he met with an untimely death in a plane crash after takeoff at the age of 38 on December 31, 1972.

Fact 10:

After his departure in the year 1973, Clemente was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame securing 92% of votes. In memory of him, the MLB recognizes every outstanding baseball athlete with an affinity in community service with the Roberto Clemente Walker Award.

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