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Movies or motion pictures have become a favorite form of entertainment ever since the world of cinema was invented.  People simply got hooked about the idea of watching their favorite stars on the big screen.  People clamored for bigger and clearer screen as time went on with more and more movies created for the bigger screens and for public viewing.  Many people also grew up watching movies with family or friends and have since become loved the unique entertainment experience.  The various movies that are available for showing are already interesting in their own rights but here are some little known facts that make many of these movies even more interesting:

Fact 1:  The longest movie of all time registers at a whopping 87 hours.  As per the Guinness World Records, a movie named “The cure for Insomia” holds the record for the longest movie ever made.  This movie is directed by John Henry Timmis IV and was released back in 1987.

Fact 2:  Avatar is the biggest movie of all time.  Released in 2009, this movie by Steven Spielberg holds the crown for being the biggest and most successful movie to date.  Worldwide earnings for this movie reached almost 3 billion.

Fact 3:  The largest movie theater in the world can seat a total of 6000 people.  This many people can actually watch a movie simultaneously.   This distinction belongs to Radio City Music Hall in New York, USA.

Fact 4:  The first animated movie that won an Oscar nomination belonged to the Walt Disney Company. Their film “Beauty and the Beast” achieved the feat in 1991.

Fact 5:  The film “Hamlet” in 1948 by Laurence Olivier was the first non-Hollywood movie that won an Oscar Best Picture.  Filmed and produced in England, Hamlet became the first but not the last to win the most coveted Oscar.

Fact 6:  “Schindler’s List” released in 1993 was the first black-and-white film to win the Best Picture in the Academy Awards.  Almost all movies at this time were already released in color versions.

Fact 7:  James Cameron, the producer of the hugely successful “Titanic” was said to have spent more hours on the wreckage of the actual ship compared to the actual passengers.  This was time well spent as Titanic went on to become the 2nd biggest movie of all time.

Fact 8:  The first movies released on video or VHS tapes were in 1977.  This honor is shared by three movies namely “MASH”, “Patton”, and “The Sound of Music”.

Fact 9:  Billy Crystal was offered to become the voice of Woody in Disney’s Toy Story.  The role eventually went to Tom Hanks and the movie became a huge hit.  With Crystal’s regret, he signed up to voice for Mike on Monsters, Inc. which is another successful Disney movie.

 Fact 10:  “Gone with the Wind” released in 1939 was the first all-color picture that won Best Picture in the Academy Awards.  The same film is also the second longest Best Picture winner running at a total of 3 hours and 41 minutes.


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