Facts About Magnesium

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Magnesium is a common element that can be found in the atmosphere.  The human body also have this element and most of them are stored in the bones.  As a chemical, magnesium can typically be found combined with other elements.  This element is part of the metal group and has various uses and properties.  The following are some facts related to magnesium:

Fact 1:  Magnesium is commonly used in making fireworks.  This chemical’s properties enable it to ignite easily. The ignition of magnesium also produces very bright light making it an ideal component in the making of flares and fireworks.

Fact 2:  As a metal, magnesium is considered one of the best alloying agents.  Magnesium added to other metals can improve the structure and quality of the alloy making it a preferred choice in the car and plane manufacturing industries.

Fact 3:  Magnesium is very lightweight.  This metallic element is even three times lighter than aluminium.  Its lightweight property makes it a good choice for making power tools and gadgets like laptops and mobile tablets.  Car seats are also commonly created with magnesium to limit the extra weight in the car without compromising safety and quality.

Fact 4:  Magnesium can be used as fire retardant. As magnesium oxide, this compound is known to be able to survive against fire exposure.

Fact 5:  As magnesium oxide, this element is also useful for its heat resistance.  Fireplaces and furnace bricks can be installed with the help of magnesium as it helps prevent excess health build-up.

Fact 6:  Magnesium is also a major component for plant fertilizers and cattle feed.  This element is known to be an essential mineral which helps promote good health for both plant and animal life.

Fact 7:  Magnesium is required in food making for plants.  In the process called photosynthesis, plants manufacture food for themselves with the help of sunlight.  This process is actually triggered and assisted by the presence of magnesium making it an essential nutrient for all plants.

Fact 8:  Magnesium is an essential mineral for the human body.  Supplements typically contain this magnesium because it is a basic required element for optimum health.  It helps the functioning of the nervous system and also helps in bone development.

Fact 9:  The element magnesium is among the top 10 in terms of its availability and abundance in the atmosphere and the Earth’s crust.  It can easily be found combined with other elements and substances.

Fact 10:  Magnesium has been traditionally used as a laxative.  In the form of Epsom salts, this element is known to help relieve constipation and help in proper digestion.

 Fact 11:  Magnesium got its name from the Greek city of Magnesia.  In fact it was first discovered and first isolated outside this big city by Sir Humphrey Davy back in 1808.

Fact 12:  Excess amounts of magnesium in the human body can be dangerous to health.  Too much magnesium may lead to muscle cramping, general weakness, and kidney failure.  Some people may also get diarrhea easily or develop cardiac arrhythmias.

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