Facts about Kenya

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Although Kenya has been discussed in various television shows and has also been seen in different channels, there are still a lot of people who do not know a lot of information about this very interesting country. It is a country that is located in East Africa and it is located directly on the equator which means that it experiences a tropical climate. It does not have four seasons like other countries. Rather, it only has a wet and dry season that last for certain months throughout the year. One notable fact though is that it has mountains that are covered with ice all year round.

Fact 1: Kenya is considered to be a medium sized country especially if you would compare it to other countries that seem similar to it. The size of the country is approximately 586, 600 square meters. It does have some inland bodies of water that also take up a certain amount of space.

Fact 2: Even though it is only a medium sized country, it has a large population. According to recent studies, there are more than 40 million people who are living in the country. Like other countries, there are various dialects that are being used depending on the location. The most widely used language though is English although Swahili is a close second.

Fact 3: One of the main reasons why people go to Kenya is because it is known to have great Safaris and tours. The most popular city to get a tour is in Nairobi although there may be other tours in other places within the country and even within Africa. Like in the movies wherein people can go close to the habitats of animals, Kenya has those types of tours too. You will probably see a lot of large animals in Kenya including lions and elephants. If you think that those are too common, you are bound to see much more.

Fact 4: Since climate changes in Kenya too, there are times when people are recommended to go to Kenya depending on your purpose. If you plan on climbing the mountain, you can during February. Visit Kenya around dry season if you are coming there for the safari.

Fact 5: Aside from tours, there are a lot of other things that you can do in this country. It has a culture that is very unique from the others and while there may be similar countries that you can go to, Kenya will always be different not only because of its history but its main deep culture that has been embedded on the people who are living in this country.

Fact 6: Kenya used to be a country that was dependent on another country. It was only freed under the influence of United Kingdom in 1963. Yet even before that, a lot of people in Kenya have lived through their agricultural resources. It is still considered a developing country though since most people who are living there still do not have enough to eat every day and are still thriving harder than most people in other countries.

Fact 6: The capital city of Kenya is Nairobi.

Fact 7: One of the problems of Kenya is corruption. It has been said that the government is sometimes unable to give people what they need because the money is going elsewhere. Corruption is a problem that is rampant all over the world but Kenya is still struggling because of it.

Fact 8: The religions in Kenya are very mixed. There are various people there who believe in Protestantism while there are also Roman Catholics. There are also other religions that people believe in but the two mentioned above are the most prominent. The beliefs and other sayings vary a lot.

Fact 9: There are some religions in Kenya that will allow men to have more than one wife but there are times when men there still have more than one wife regardless of what their religion is.

Fact 10: Coffee is one of the biggest generators of Kenya but surprisingly, they do not consider it as their favorite drink. They see coffee as a money maker but not as something they could enjoy.

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