Facts about Iyaz

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For those who love music, Iyaz is not a new name. A young talented singer, he dove into the music industry with his super hit debut, ‘œReplay’, which is now an all-time favorite song all over the world. Some facts about this singer for his fans are presented in this article.

Fact 1:

Iyaz is a singer and a songwriter who was born in 1987 to a musical family. (Aceshowbiz.com)

Fact 2:

This talented young singer was spotted and later brought into the music industry via the courtesy of Sean Kingsten. (Aceshowbiz.com)

Fact 3:

Coming off the TV show American Idol, Iyaz has already made his Grammy debut. Nothing is new for this young superstar now! (David Caplan, 2010)

Fact 4:

An interesting and somewhat fun fact about Iyaz is that despite being a young man of 24 years of age, Iyaz is a Disney Channel fanatic. He spends his vacation watching Hannah Montana and The Suite Life on Deck! (David Caplan, 2010)\

Fact 5:

Five years ago, Iyaz, his sister, and his father all attended classes at Rhode Island’s New England Institute of Technology. (David Caplan, 2010)

Fact 6:

The hot hit debut ‘œReplay’ by Iyaz was produced by Jonathan ‘œJ.R’, the same man who originally discovered Sean Kingsten! (Song Facts)

Fact 7:

For those who believe in the importance of birth signs, Iyaz was born under the sun sign of Aries. (Famous Birthdays)

Fact 8:

Iyaz reveals that his sense of creating music comes from his study of Digital Recording, which he acquired at the New England Institute of Technology. (Famous Birthdays)

Fact 9:

Iyaz, a great fan of Hannah Montana, is also featured in the show Hannah Montana with Miley Cyrus. (Famous Birthdays)

Fact 10:

In his song, ‘œPretty Girls’, Iyaz has collaborated with Travie McCoy. (Famous Birthdays)

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