Facts About HG Wells For Kids

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Herbert George Wells is a famous English author who is famed for his science fiction novels. He also produced many literary works in other genres such as politics, social commentary, history, text books and also contemporary novels. Many authors have borrowed from Wells’ style in their science fiction books.

Fact 1:  HG Wells came from a very poor family, an issue that affected the marriage of his parents, who later separated.

Fact 2: During his childhood, HG Wells developed a strong reading interest and he read all the books in his house.

Fact 3: Wells studied Darwinism and Biology in college after winning a scholarship, which helped motivate his science fiction interest.

Fact 4: Wells married his own cousin called Isabel Mary in 1891. The four year marriage got dissolved after Wells left his wife for his student, Catherine Robbins.

Fact 5: Despite being married, Wells had countless relations with different women who later became a source of inspiration for characters in his books.

Fact 6: Wells had an amazing writing output as he was able to produce four bestselling books in four years. It is believed Wells could write 3 quality novels in one year.

Fact 7: In the non-fiction novel called Anticipations, HG Wells accurately forecasted rise of towns, economic globalization and also military conflicts.

Fact 8: The Outline of History that was released in 1920 in three volumes was the best selling work of HG Wells in his lifetime.

Fact 9: In 1938, a well written science fiction by HG Wells was broadcasted on radio and the broadcaster claimed that aliens had landed in America causing a huge panic since people heard it in a news bulletin format.

Fact 10: Since he was an internationally renowned author, HG Wells travelled to many places and during one of his travels he met Stalin when he visited Russia in 1920.

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