Facts About Gum

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Gum is one of the oldest candies that people have loved and hated all the same.  Gum lovers particularly like the chewing and creation of bubbles.  Some people dislike this candy because it can be messy when stuck in the wrong places.  Liked or not, gum continues to become popular among kids and adults even during present times.  Below are some facts about this popular candy:

Fact 1: The ancient Mayan culture had the first gum in the form of chicle.  Chicle is actually the sticky sap of the sapodilla tree and records have shown that Mayans used to chew on this sticky food.  The same ingredient is being used in modern gum recipes that became popular in many parts of the world.

Fact 2:  Mint is among the most popular flavors of gum.  Over thousands of years, people have loved anything mint on this chewy candy.  Flavors like peppermint and spearmint are among the most loved flavors of gum from different brands across the world.

Fact 3:  The first bubble gum created had the color pink.  Back then, it was said that this was the only available color but somehow the original color became the inspiration of gums that are available in present times.  Majority of chewing gums sold have the color pink.

Fact 4:  The largest bubble created from a gum measured 23 inches in diameter.  This record was reached back in 1994 by Susan Williams in Fresno California, USA.

Fact 5:  Gum is popular among soldiers during World War II.  Many US soldiers were known to consume gum and even game them as gifts to other people especially those from other countries in Asia and Europe for example.

Fact 6:  The gum base or main ingredient in gum is not easily digestible.  This simply means that this part of the gum may stay in the body for a while but will be excreted as a whole.

Fact 7:  No gum of any type can be found in Singapore.  In this country, selling or consumption of chewing gum is prohibited and illegal.  People caught chewing gum will be charged with hefty fines and penalties.

Fact 8:  The act of chewing a gum is known to improve brain power.  Studies have shown that the simple repetitive chewing of this candy can help people to think more clearly and become more relaxed.  Some people even try to eat chewing gum during stressful situations to help them calm down and think properly.

Fact 9:  There are various varieties of gum available in many countries today. From the original and simple chewing gum that are often sweet and minty, various varieties have been created over thousands of years.  Nowadays people can find medicated gums and gums that contain nicotine.

Fact 10:  About 100,000 tons of gums are consumed every year.  This simply means that this sticky and sweet chewy candy is very popular even in present times.  On average, each person in the world is able to consume up to 300 gum sticks every single year.

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