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Fact 1: The scientific community agrees that global warming is taking place, and the people living on this planet are responsible for it. The reason revealed by the scientific bodies for global warming is deforestation and burning of fossil fuels.

Fact 2: Global warming is the fact that is accepted by the National Academy of Sciences in developing  and developed countries.  Global warming is also considered to be occurring by many organizations.

Fact 3: The greenhouse gas that is primarily responsible for causing global warming is carbon dioxide. The United States is estimated to be emitting about 19.91 percent of the carbon dioxide all over the world.

Fact 4: According to the survey, from the year 1990, the emissions of carbon dioxide seem to have increased by six billion metric tons in the entire world. This increase is nearly about 20 percent more attributed to various human activities.

Fact 5: Science says that carbon dioxide needs 100 years to be distributed properly in the atmosphere. If the emissions at present are stopped, the effects of carbon dioxide can be felt after some time.

Fact 6: It has been identified that in the 20th century, the global temperature has increased from 1.2 degrees F to 1.4 degrees F. The years between 2000 and 2009 were considered to be the hottest years recorded till now.

Fact 7: The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment has revealed that in the past 50 years, the average temperature of western Canada, Alaska, and eastern Russia has increased by about 7 degrees F. This increase is two times greater than the average temperature increase of the global temperature.

Fact 8: Global warming not only increases the temperatures but causes extreme rainfall and droughts simultaneously all over the world.

Fact 9: It has been measured that the sea levels have increased by four to eight inches in the previous century. Researchers expect that the sea level might rise 2 more feet in the coming 100 years.

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