Facts About Fear

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Fear is a response to a physical or emotional danger. All animals experience fear in situations with which they are not familiar. The intensity of fear is based on experience and genetic factors. The immediate response of fear is to protect and defend oneself.

Fact 1. There are various methods of vanquishing fear including focused breathing and meditation.

Fact 2.   Dr. Carl Gustav Jung contended that people’s neurotic behaviors on obtaining a higher status was due to a lack of fulfillment in life. Once they realized a meaningful life, the neurosis disappeared.

Fact 3.   Flight anxiety is another fear whereby the person suffering from it visualizes impending doom such as airline flight disasters. The visuals release stress hormones which cause emotional distress.

Fact 4.  Piercing of body parts is a ritualistic event amongst proponents of the Hindu faith. The fear of piercing is overcome by meditation and religious rituals.

Fact 5.  The famous quote on fear in FDR’s first inaugural address on March 4, 1933, stated that the only fear we have to fear is fear itself.

Fact 6. Fear always invokes the fight or flight syndrome; that is, to either face the fear or to move away from the source of the fear.

Fact 7. Marketing strategies are based on invoking an emotion of fear if one does not succumb to what is being promoted.

Fact 8.  Fear can take on the form of a motivator in the corporate field and in earning a living. The fear of not having a job to sustain oneself is a great, motivating factor.

Fact 9. The fear of death can be overcome by facing it and consciously thinking and feeling death.

Fact 10. There are ways to overcome fear such as indulging in activities that reduce stress and increasing one’s confidence level, thinking positively, social reinforcements, and interaction.

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