Facts About Family

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A family is the basic unit that is the foundation of a society. Man realized the need to live to together for physical as well as mental support from a very long time. This necessity was the starting point of living together as a family.

Fact 1. What Is A Family
A family is the smallest unit of society that consists of a father, mother and their children. It is where a child is born, nurtured and brought up to go out into the world and make a place among other men. A family is the foundation of a child where he/she learns the values of life and humanity, the truth and virtues of life that pave the way for a healthy and good human being.

Fact 2 Kinds Of Families
There are basically two types of families – the single parent family and the joint family. A single-parent family usually consists of a father, a mother and their children. Sometimes grandparents are also a part of this unit. A joint family is however of a larger unit and consists of more than two parents and their children, grandparents and even other people that are related by blood.

Fact 3 Changed Idea Of Family
Today a family is formed in other ways too. It consists of two adults and children who may not be their own but adopted kids. However, they bring them up as their own children and give them all the love and care and education, guidance and support they need to grow up into healthy and successful humans. Another kind of family that is often seen today is the single mother or single father family.

Fact 4 Responsibilities Of A Family
A family is formed when both the man and the woman agree to raise children with love and care and offer them the best so that they grow up into healthy adults. Hence it becomes the duty of both parents to take adequate care even before they are born. Only a healthy mother gives birth to healthy babies. Taking care of the wife and supporting her physically and mentally is the first and foremost duty of a father. After birth, a child needs a lot of care and attention to grow well. A family has the greatest potential for raising healthy children. It is not only healthy food that matters but a healthy environment is absolutely important for proper growth.

Fact 5 Adverse Effects Of Family On Kids
The relationship of parents affects children deeply. While parents are responsible for giving them physical and mental support, they can also wound them by their behavior and attitude towards each other. When families break down and parents leave the family for their own reasons, it has a great impact on the lives of children as well as the community in which you live. Basic education starts from the family. The values of love, respect and morals grow at home. If there is a family problem when the children are at the maturity stage, it is found that they hate their parents and leave the home to stay separately either alone or with friends and sometimes with grandparents.

Fact 6 Behavior Of Children Of Intact Family
The intact family offers a myriad of advantages for both adults and children. A happy family may not be rich or have a luxurious home or latest cars, but they are happy and contented. It is a safer and healthier home where parents and kids love each other and share everything with each other. Research shows that children of such families do better in school and suffer less from behavioral problems and share healthy romantic relationships when they grow up.

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