Facts about Edgar Allan Poe

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1.Left Alone at a Young Age

Edgar Allan Poe was born in January, 1809. His father deserted him and his mother in 1810 and his mother died of tuberculosis in 1811. He was taken in by John Allan’s family. He studied in England and Scotland and in Richmond, Virginia. Though he appeared to become a successful educated person, his initial year at University of Virginia became his last. John Allan’s family never adopted Edgar legally.

 2.Gambled in College

Edgar Allan Poe joined University of Virginia in 1826. He covered his dormitory room walls with sketches. While here, he stroke one of his classmates as morose and gloomy. He engaged in gambling and within a year, his foster father, Allan withdrew him from university due to gambling debts and refused to meet any other expenses for Edgar’s college education.

3.His First Poetry Publication

Poe moved to Boston after experiencing failures in Richmond and his girlfriend, Sarah Elmira Royster getting engaged to another person. In Boston, he published his first poetry volume. This publication got a cold reception. He became broke and decided to join the army.

4.Dismissed from the Army

This did not work out as his foster father, John Allan, paid for him to be discharged. However, he relented on his promise of not helping Poe and organized for Poe’s admission at the United States Military Academy, West Point. Poe sabotaged his education here by failing to turn up for classes. He was dismissed.

5.Launching his Writing Career

Edgar Allan Poe started work as a reviewer, editor and critic for several publications. He wrote his poetry on the side as well and started getting recognition. He began writing macabre and frightening short stories in Baltimore that had not been published before.

6.Succeeded in Baltimore

Poe’s writing career reached its peak in Baltimore. He lived here between 11832 and 1835 and continued to tap into the rich potential of creepy content. He was inspired to do the “Berenice” piece by news of people digging graves to rob teeth from corpses and sell to dentists. His writing “The Masque of the Red Death” is thought to have been inspired by a cholera outbreak in Baltimore as well. His “MS Found in a Bottle” story won a 50 dollar prize in 1833. He grew to become an influential short story writer and American poet who excelled in the 19th Century.

7.Influenced Different Thinkers and Writers

His writing had an impact of diverse thinkers and writers including Jules Verne and Charles Baudelaire. He is seen as instrumental in the growth of literary genres of Mystery and Science Fiction. His writing catalog is diverse and features classics like “The Purloined Letter” and “The Fall of the House of Usher.

 8.Variety in Writing

Edgar Allan Poe wrote essays and poetry and pointed humorous critiques to other writers. He also wrote fantastic supernatural pieces. He generated a detective story, “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” that features a detective who uses logic and rationality to solve cases. Edgar inspired the Sherlock Holms stories and television’s Monk. Edgar also wrote horror stories that were delicious in their ability to scare such as “The Tell-Tale Heart” that is still scary, more than 150 years since its publication.

9.Married his Cousin

In 1835, Edgar Allan Poe got married to his cousin, 13-year old Virginia Clemm. He struggled to make ends meet and his Virginia’s mother, Maria Clemm helped support Edgar’s household. Besides writing, Poe also lectured. However, he experienced stage fright that scholars say made him alcohol dependent. His wife became sick with tuberculosis and died at the age of 25 in 1847.

10.Died in Baltimore, on the Way to Philadelphia

While travelling to Philadelphia from Richmond, Poe made a stop at Baltimore. He was lost for a few days and returned in ill health and injured. He died few days later, on 8th October, 1849.

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