Facts about Celebrities

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1.OJ Simpson was cast on Terminator

Originally, OJ was cast on Terminator. James Cameron, the director however felt that he was not going to be convincing as a killer. None among the singers in the Beatles was able to read music. Robert Pattinson was dressed like a girl by his elder sisters until he became 12. He was introduced to strangers as Claudia.

 2. Tupac won most awards after he died

While alive, Tupac never got any Grammy award. He received many awards after he died than when he was alive. The ashes of actor Robin William were scattered on the San Francisco Bay. During Tupac Shakur’s prison days, Jim Carrey wrote him funny letters just to make him laugh and smile.

 3. Eminem was Bullied in School

While in public school, Eminem was bullied so severely to an extent his mother took the school board to court for not protecting her child sufficiently. Eminem studied the dictionary for hours to improve his rhymes’ vocabulary

 4.Celebrities’ Past Jobs

For her first job, Brad Pitt danced to attract customers at the El Pollo Loco in a chicken suit. Beyonce would charge guests who visit her parent’s house five dollars each so they could watch her perform. Michael Jackson featured on a Sesame Street episode during his younger years. Keanu Reeves was a manager in a Canadian pasta shop in Toronto before he launched his movie career.

 5. Celebrities’ Identity

The Abba band was forced to negotiate with a company dealing in canned fish to get rights to use the Abba name. When checking into hotels, Tom Hanks uses the name Harry Lauder, the name of a music hall singer of Scottish decent, as an also known as. Vin Diesel’s mane is actually an anagram meaning I end lives. Dolly Parton, a country singer entered a contest for Dolly Parton look-alike anonymously and lost to another contester, a drag queen.

 6. Early Lives of celebrities

Marilyn Munroe overcame stutter on her own when she was aged 16. Elvis Presley’s twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley was born still born about 35 minutes prior to his birth. Emma Stone had to use a PowerPoint presentation to convince her parents to allow her to take up acting. At age 12, Simon Cowell got arrested for using a toy gun to hijack a bus. At age 12, Jay-Z shot his elder brother, who was addicted to drugs, on the shoulder for having stolen his jewelry.

 7. Celebrity Actors’ past Jobs

Prior to becoming an actor, Christopher Walken at some point worked in a circus, taming lions. Sylvester Stallone’s first role in acting was in ‘Party at Kitty and Stud’s’, a porn film before he became a popular actor. At some point, Nicolas Cage purchased a pet octopus which he thought would help him in his acting career.

8. Lady Gaga was an MTV reality show Contestant

Prior to becoming popular, Lady Gaga featured on ‘Boiling Points’, an MTV reality show as a contestant. She later spent only 10 minutes to write the hit song, ‘Just Dance’ along with her producer. Lady Gaga went to New York City’s Convent of Sacred Heart high school. Paris and Nicky Hilton went to the same school.

 9. Gemma Arterton had 6 Fingers

At birth, Gemma Arterton had 6 fingers on both hands. The doctor tied the extra hands off using sutures. The two extra fingers fell of and left scars.

 10. Kesha scored almost perfect in SAT

Kesha’s IQ stands at 140. In her SATS, had an almost perfect 1500 score. Today, Kesha spends much more on glitter every month than majority of people spend on their rent.

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