Facts About Bacteria

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Among various types of unicellular microorganisms, the role of bacteria is most significant upon human life. Some types of bacteria are beneficial for living beings, while some pay harm in the form of diseases. There are many interesting facts about bacteria, and some of them are as follows:

Fact 1: The most interesting fact about bacteria which makes them superior to all creatures is that they are the first life forms on Earth.

Fact 2: The most recent, astonishing fact about the survival of bacteria came to recognition on February 6, 2013 which states that ‘œBacteria were found alive in a half mile deep buried lake under the deposit of Antarctic ice.’

Fact 3: A very strange fact about bacteria is that they are not only unicellular but prokaryotic microorganisms. ‘œProkaryotic’ means the cell without a nucleus.

Fact 4: The shapes of bacteria are also very enjoyable. You can see them with a microscope in different shapes like rods, spheres, and spirals.

Fact 5: There is no restriction for a suitable growing place for bacteria. These can grow up in any environment and habitat like water, soil, waste, hot springs, and even the Earth’s crust.

Fact 6: A surprising fact about bacteria is the estimation of their total count on planet Earth at one time. This count is five nonillion.

Fact 7: The reproduction method of bacteria is asexual in which the cells of bacteria become large and divide into two daughter cells by means of binary fission.

Fact 8: Bacteria facilitate digestion of some food items by secreting proteins which finally act as a digestive enzyme.

Fact 9: Another fascinating fact about some types of bacteria is that,they are able to swim as fast as a fish.

Fact 10: No doubt, many bacteria are useful for mankind, but the number of bacteria causing bacterial infections are also not fewer in numbers. To treat bacterial diseases, the use of antibiotics is an effective solution.

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