Amazing Facts about Americans

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America is the third largest country of the world. It is huge in size and is a home for around 300 million people. The Americans can be of any religion or color and they have no specific language of speaking. English and Spanish are the most spoken languages in the country.

An American, be it male or female, is believed to be quite independent in nature. They are individualists and are diverse from one another in nature. There are some amazing facts about the Americans which may surprise us.

  • About 66% of the America’s population is overweight due to their irregular food habits while about 37% among them suffer obesity. They are likely to look for liberty in choice.

  • About 3.5 million of Americans are homeless. This is about 1% of its entire population. Any American can easily interact with a destitute but they make sure to talk to the right person.

  • The Americans are known for wearing bizarre clothes, especially teenagers. They keep the streets dirty, mostly in major cities. They love tattoos as well as body piercing. They can get pierced almost anywhere.

  • In America, the Law against tagging and graffiti i.e. writing on walls with spray paints, loitering around, littering the streets is enforced. Hence these are beyond the law and punishable offense which may lead to jail or fine.

  • Any insulting remark or discrimination regarding anyone’s religion, caste or creed is punishable and falls under hate crime. To buy a drink, one must be more than 21 years old and produce an identity proof.

  • In some of the American states, it is illegal to buy cigarettes below the age of 18. There are certain places designated for smoking. The Americans are quite informal and love to call someone either by their nickname or first name. They can easily share personal stuffs with strangers.

  • Americans have an interesting body language. Hands on hips means they are relaxed while the sign of anger is folding both the arms tightly across the chest. They don’t mess easily and always wait gently for their turn. They put one hand on the lap while eating with the other.

  • Going Dutch means splitting bills. It generally happens in restaurants. Everyone pays their share or distributes the bill accordingly. They have frequent parties to meet friends or have a family get together. A typical American party has got no loud music.

  • The Americans have the notion of opening gifts in front of everyone present in a party. Hence it is necessary to include a card along with the gift. Later on, a ‘œThank You’ card is sent back to the giver, out of courtesy.

  • Making loud noises or wailing is not solicited in a mournful American funeral. They are taught to keep their sorrow within. They have no particular flower to symbolize death. Any type of flowers can be expected in a funeral.

An American never likes to answer any question that directly criticizes their salary, age, weight, dressing sense or religion. Americans never entertain racist or negative comments regarding any religion.

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