10 Jaw-dropping Facts You Didn’t Know About Make-Up

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For centuries, women have turned to the transformative powers and confidence that make up has brought. From accentuating their features, to looking like the best version of yourself, a few coats of mascara, some nicely groomed brows, and a swipe of that red lipstick is all you need to make a statement and turn heads.

What is make-up? What is it for and what is it made of? Make up, commonly known as cosmetics, is topical and hypoallergenic. Applied to enhance features you want to bring out, as well as conceal blemishes and other problem areas you want to keep hidden. Used from broad way to parties and other events that call for looking glamorous, make up has been around since the ancient times and has slowly become one of the most successful industries to date. For this and more, check out the 10 Jaw-dropping facts you didn’t know about make-up that we’ve rounded up just for you:

 Fact 1: Way back before cosmetic heavy weights MAC and L’Oréal were around, glamorous high-end lipsticks were made with whale fat! The oils from Sperm Whale’s skulls and fat were used in the lipstick’s formula to give that lustrous sheen and soft, moist texture. The things women do for beauty. Other fishy parts found in cosmetics were their fish scales, as they were ground and added to lipstick and eyeshadows for that glimmer and shine.

Fact 2: Make-up expires! That’s right, just like our favorite snacks, our favorite cosmetics expire too. Pay attention to just how long you have till it’s time to chuck them in the trash bin, lest you want them causing infections and causing nasty acne. The shelf life of some of the most popular pick-me-ups are: Mascara, being good for 3 to 6 months, powdered eye shadow, good for about 2 years, nail polish for 1 year, and liquid foundation for 6 months.

Fact 3: Cleopatra was said to have bathed in tubs of milk to achieve her soft, supple skin. For those iconic Egyptian eyes, she used crushed coal for eyeliner and eyeshadow, and crushed red beetles for those dark, red lips. Those bold Egyptians were also noted to have added copper and lead ore to their make-up.

Fact 4: Way back in the 18th century, men were allowed to divorce their wives if they caught them wearing make-up! It gets much worse! Back then, women had to acquire permits in order to be allowed to wear make-up.

Fact 5: The founder of Maybelline was a man who named the company after his sister, Maybel. Coincidentally, it was seeing his sister coat her lashes with a mixture of powdered coal and petroleum jelly that inspired him to create a formula that was less abrasive for his sister to use. And so the make-up empire was born.

Fact 6: A 1991 pole discovered that women politicians who enlisted the services of Holly wood make-up artists and professional photographers were 30% more likely to win campaigns and elections. Groomed brows + red lips + megawatt smile = Winner.

Fact 7: Way back in Ancient Egypt, the term given to a makeup artist in hieroglyphic was derived from the root word “sesh,” which translates to: “to write; to engrave.” The art of makeup application was taken very seriously during that time. The same accuracy employed to paint lips is the same skill needed to produce ancient text.

Fact 8: Ghostly pale alabaster skin, small crimson red lips, incredibly high hairlines, and tiny, itty-bitty waists were thought to be the epitome of beauty back in the day. Women would go as far as eating clay or having leeches suck on their blood to help them look whiter and younger. Demi Moor admits to using Austrian Leeches as her secret to staying youthful. Talk about going to the extremes.

Fact 9: The beloved luxury cosmetic line MAC is an acronym which stands for Make-Up Art Cosmetics, which was founded by two men, who were both named Frank, in Canada back in the year 1985.

Fact 10: During the strange 1440s, the hairless baby mole rat look was in, and women shaved off everything, from the hair found on their faces (that’s right, eyebrows, eyelashes, gone.) to arms and legs.

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