10 Incredible Facts About The Crimean War

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Spanning from October 1853 until February 1856, the Crimean War was a three year long struggle for the acquisition of complete and total power over the command of the Ottoman Empire between the allies Britain, France, Turkey, as well as Sardinia, against Russia. A dispute between the British and the Russians over control of the channel connecting the Augean and Marmara seas, another dispute between Russia and this time France over control of the holy sites in Palestine, and lastly the vehement objection of Turkey to the demands imposed by Russia gave birth to the first ever modern war we now know as the Crimean War.

Russia seems like the big, bad wolf huh? Well, to learn more about the Crimean War, here are 10 incredible facts all about it! Enjoy.

Fact 1: Thousands of soldiers were able to survive the Crimean War because of a team of dedicated nurses, and one nurse in particular, who rose to fame as The Lady With The Lamp. Her name was Florence Nightingale, who found it in her heart to treat the soldiers wounded in the Crimean war despite unsavory conditions and poor medical equipment and administration. Assisted by fellow nurse Mary Seacole and Secretary of War Sidney Herbert, she and a team of nurses were able to properly address the wounded and dying. She was given the nickname Lady With A Lamp, because every night she would take a lamp with her and check on the soldiers to see if they were alright.

Fact 2: The last to survive the great Crimean War? Why, a tortoise named Timothy! Timothy the Tortoise, who was actually a female, was at the old and tender age of 165 when he died back in 2004. She had served as the HMS Queen’s mascot, on aboard the ship throughout most of her life. She was even present during the attack of Sevastopol!

Fact 3: Great Britain took an even greater fall during the time of the Crimean War. It was believed that the country had deployed 21,097 men to fight for the cause, but 16,000out of the estimated 12,097 had died from harsh weather and environmental concerns, as well as disease.

Fact 4: Items such as Raglan sleeves, cardigans, as well as Balaclava helmets, all got their start from the Crimean War. You may even buy them at your local Forever21 or H&M today.

Fact 5: During 1856, murmurings about a possible truce were on the rise. Peace talks were in the works, and at long last, the grueling war had come to an end with the Treaty of Paris coming under wraps. The Black Sea was then named an area of neutral territory. Strictly no warships were allowed to be within perimeter. Building defenses alongside the coast was also prohibited.

Fact 6: Diseases such as typhoid, cholera, infection, as well as dysentery were rampant among barracks and camp sites during the war. Due to the poor conditions plaguing the men, they often died before the next round of machine guns were fired. The nasty barrack hospital that was located in Scutari in Turkey was so bad, the soldiers had to lie on bare floors for nights on end. There were no toilets either, and food was very scarce. The soldiers were only able to eat once a day, often having to stomach rotten or stale food.

Fact 7: Did the beanie make a cameo years before its time? Well, during the war, in order to keep their faces and ears warm from the bitter cold, soldiers resorted to wearing knit-fashioned helmets called Bacalava helmets.

Fact 8: The Crimean War is revered as the first “modern war”, due to the war tactics and weaponry used that has been the start, and has since revolutionized, the face of wars for the coming generations.

Fact 9: The war got its namesake from the land Crimea, because Turkey, as well as Britain and France, were at war on the Crimean Peninsula, which is right by the Black Sea.

Fact 10: After the Crimean War, Russia and Turkey rammed horns again, though the second time around France and Britain opted to stay out of it.

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