What is Qin?

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What is Qin?
Qin refers to Emperor Qin of the Qin Dynasty in China which lasted for 221 BC and 206 BC. Emperor Qin, also called Emperor Yingzheng, along with Emperor Hu Hai were the rulers of this particular dynasty. The city of Xianyang in China’s Shaanxi Province became the center of the Qin Dynasty after Emperor Qin overthrew the war that occurred between several Chinese states like Qi, Chu, Yan, Wei, Han, and Zhao.

Based on records the Qin Dynasty was considered the first ruling dynasty in imperialistic China. It was said that during the reign of Emperor Qin and Emperor Hu Hai, China improved security in the military. The agriculture sector was also developed during this time and trade activities surged to higher levels. The improvements in trade and agriculture sectors were attributed to the dissolution of landowning contracts by landlords all across China. It was said that people served several landlords and only these landlords were able to make economic progress over time. Because of changes in the government rules, people had more access to economic activities and jobs, and part of this was the construction of the northern border of the Great Wall of China.

Emperor Qin also made possible the centralization of government activities and restructured various departments and local regions. There were also reforms on the Chinese currency during Qin’s reign. And different weights and measures were standardized during his term, along with the standardization of the Chinese way of writing. These changes paved the way for improvements in the Chinese economy. But despite all these seemingly good deeds, Emperor Qin was also associated with the imposition of high taxes and forceful labor and military service, especially for men.

Emperor Hu Hai, Qin’s second son, succeeded him when he died. But despite the improvements in the military security, the Qin Dynasty was overthrown by year 206 BC in the hands of Chu-Han, who started the Han Dynasty.

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