What is FedEx SmartPost?

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FedEx SmartPost refers to a shipping or mail-delivery service by Federal Express with its partner the US Postal Service. Such service is provided by the private-public partnership of FedEx and USPS and involves sending parcels that are classified as low-weight with residential addresses as destinations. For people who wish to send light documents and parcels to relatives or business partners that are located in residential areas or the suburbs all across the US, they may opt to send them via FedEx SmartPost. The best thing about this service is that it is also offered even in the remote areas of Alaska and Hawaii wherein some residential compounds may not actually be accessible by standard FedEx shipment services. Through FedEx’s partnership with USPS, the remotest house across the US and even PO boxes can be reached as long as the parcel involved is lightweight.

Through FedEx SmartPost, parcels are moved across the US through an extensive network and strategically-located FedEx hubs. The light-weight parcel will first be handled by FedEx as it is transported to its corresponding hub. Once the parcel reaches the locality of the recipient residential address, final delivery will be made by the US Postal Service. With this partnership, people in the US are given a more cost-effective way of shipping documents and light parcels across the US. Compared to standard FedEx rates, the services for FedEx SmartPost are generally cheaper.

People also like the idea of FedEx SmartPost because of the Saturday delivery feature. Under standard FedEx shipment, Saturday delivery may incur extra charges. With FedEx SmartPost, people can send out documents or get them even on a Saturday with no extra charge. There is also no concern in terms of residential addresses as FedEx SmartPost allows shipment and delivery to PO boxes unlike standard FedEx delivery. FedEx SmartPost also allows delivery to military APO and DPO destinations.

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