What is Doha?

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What is Doha?
Doha is the capital city of Qatar, which is geographically fixed on the Persian Gulf. Doha means ‘the big tree’ which is believed to have come from ‘Dohat’, a common tree in a small village near the gulf. This village was credited as the first settlement inside the city and the staring point of the spread of its inhabitants. The city suffered from severe damages when Qatar was at war with Bahrain in 1825 but it easily found way to recover and conquered the Ottomans in 1882.

Doha was designated by its British colonizer as the nation’s capital. Today, it is the heart of the country’s economy and serves as the seat of its government. It owns much of Qatar’s wealth in gas and oil and caters many gas and oil processing companies. Because of this, the city is experiencing a high economic growth pulling many immigrants from other countries.

Doha holds a large percentage of Qatar’s total population approximately ranging from 75 percent to 80 percent. Non-Qatar citizens, leaving only a small margin for its original natives, dominate the city. Citizens coming from Asian regions like India, Philippines, Indonesia, and Bangladesh mostly inhabit it. The city’s population growth is very high wherein there was one point in its history that a shortage of supply occurred. It is currently engaging in improving its transportation by constructing more highways and building a new airport.

The city identifies education as very important. Officials facilitated the building of ‘Education City’, which is the result of the government’s continuous effort in inviting many universities to build a campus inside.

Winter is only mild with none ever recorded to have fallen below 7 degrees Celsius.
Because it is fixed in the Arabian Peninsula, its temperature is generally hot and rainfall is scarce.

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