What is casein?

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Casein is a type of protein that can be found in milk. Cow’s milk for example contains about 80% casein while milk from humans can contain 20-45% casein. Other mammals’ milk also contains this protein that provides essential amino acids for the body. Many protein supplements contain casein as the active ingredient because of the amino acids and other nutrients it provides including calcium and phosphorus. The white color of milk is provided by these two substances that combine to form casein. Majority of the protein in milk that people consume is from casein with the remainder being whey protein.

As a protein, casein is considered an essential protein that helps muscle function and development. For people who work out, protein is needed for muscular exertion and recovery thereafter. Without casein, muscles in the body will have a hard time to recover strains and possible tears that are caused by a heavy workout routine or exercise. The best thing about casein is that the amino acid it contains is slowly released into the bloodstream. This simply means that the muscles will have a steady supply of this protein for a long period of time. This is especially beneficial for recovering muscles after a workout or sports activity. With this great effect on muscles, many protein supplements aimed at athletes and bodybuilders contain casein as the primary ingredient.

Aside from its use as protein supplements, casein is also very useful in the production of cheese. Being a major component of milk, casein can be processed to produce cheese. With its calcium and phosphorus content, casein is also used to re-mineralize teeth. These specific nutrients are perfect for dental health and casein provides enough of them to make teeth get the right amount of nutrients and minerals. Casein can also be made into a fiber and become useful in the making of plastic and/or fiber-based products like specialty fabrics.

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