What is Excel?

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Excel is short for Microsoft Excel and it refers to a spreadsheet type of program owned and developed by Microsoft Corporation. Through Microsoft Excel, users can input and organize data using designated columns and rows and with corresponding computations and formula. Most people use Excel when they need to have data sorted, organized, and/or computed much like having an electronic version of the mathematical or accounting spreadsheet.

The earliest version of Excel or Microsoft Excel was released in the 1980s. This special application is typically part of the Microsoft Office bundle or suite. When users purchase a version of Microsoft Office, standard programs include Microsoft Excel along with Microsoft Word for word processing requirements and Microsoft PowerPoint for graphic-based presentations. Higher and advanced versions of Microsoft Office may also include a database handler in the form of Microsoft Access among many other specialty applications.

Excel can be a useful tool when there are computations involved in various data which are stored across different rows and columns. Using basic formulas, users may input formulas involving different data on different rows and columns. Data can also be sorted, organized, and arranged using Excel. Various features are built-in the program in terms of handling computations, sorting data, and even highlighting important details. Excel also offers converting data on the spreadsheets into graphical pies and charts. Aside from providing actual computations and mathematical results, Excel also provides a visual representation of all data making it a great tool for students, employees, and businessmen among many others. Data filtration may also be done on Excel making it easy for people to find specific things on a particular spreadsheet project. Sorting of data is also not a problem with Excel because of the handling involved using rows and columns of details. Various sheets may also be interconnected using special formulas and commands to get the desired computation from multiple sheets.

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