What is auxiliary heating?

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Auxiliary heating refers to a secondary heating source for various heat pumps or machines that are used during winter time. Under normal conditions, heat pumps will run using standard power. When the temperature level detects that more heat is necessary to fill up a certain room or space, the auxiliary heating mechanism will be automatically activated. Auxiliary heating basically serves as a back-up or secondary source of extra heating when the need arises. If the temperature for example is very cold outside a room or house for example, the standard heat output generated by heat pumps may not be enough to provide even heating. In this particular scenario, auxiliary heating may be needed and automatically activated.

Heat pumps normally have a set temperature for heating and this can be regulated through a thermostat control system. In most cases, the temperature for heating can be set at a specific temperature. When this set temperature drops to more than 2 degrees Fahrenheit for example, most heat pumps will then activate the auxiliary heating system. The built-in heat strips of the heating pumps or machines will then provide additional heating to the standard heat source. In this way, the set temperature will be reached and stabilized. Without the auxiliary heating system, the temperature inside a given room may drop even lower depending on the outside or external temperature.

The same mechanism works with so-called emergency heating mode. In this mode, the back-up or secondary heat strips will also be activated to provide additional heating when the thermostat detects the dropping of temperature. The main difference is that the emergency heating mode in heat pumps is activated manually. In most heat pumps, the auxiliary heating system is activated automatically once the temperature set goes lower than 2 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature level, standard heating systems will try to provide just the right amount of even heating to a space or room with the help of the auxiliary heating system.