What is Mexico known for?

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Mexico is known for its rich culture which includes its distinct food, clothing and arts.

There have been some big changes in the Mexican culture over the last few decades. Around half of the population resided in the cities, while others are in smaller rural towns and communities.

The majority of Mexicans speak Spanish and as such, Mexico is the biggest Spanish-speaking country in the whole world. Mexicans use Spanish mainly because of their history; Mexico was colonized by Spain.

Roughly, there is only about six percent of its population that does not speak Spanish.

Mexican clothing

Most Mexicans these days follow European and US fashion trends when it comes to clothing.

But in the small rural communities, women wear sleeveless tunics referred to as huipils, skirts, quechquémitls or capes as well as rebozos or shawls.

A traditional Mexican menswear is the sarape which is a bigger blanket cape compared to the rebozos of women.

Mexican Food

Mexican food is popular all over the world. But in Mexico, the food served in each home may vary depending on the social class as well as the income level.

Those who are part of the Mexican working classeat wheat or corn tortillas combined with rice, tomatoes, beans, chorizo and chili peppers often. Empanadas or the small pasty containing sweet fillings or savory ones are also popular among the working class.

On the other hand, those in the middle and upper-income class are now mostly eating American and European dishes.

Mexico is also known for its alcoholic drink, tequila. Tequila comes from the agave cactus that grows in Mexico, particularly in central Mexico because of its climate. Tequila is also popular all over the world and is now being used to make other cocktails.

Soda is also very popular among Mexicans given that the beverage industry in the country is well developed.

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