what is linksys?

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So you got yourself a new computer, and you basically just want to go online, check your email or just log on to your favorite social media site. But how do you connect to the internet? Given that you may already have an Internet Service Provider, what you need now is a router.

Routers are used to connect computers to the internet, even mobile devices. When it comes to routers and other Internet hardware, Linksys comes in as one of the world’s largest supplier. Major Internet Service Providers in North America such as Comcast and Time Warner Cable uses Linksys routers along with their modems.

The Linksys brand was founded in 1988 in Irvine, California by Janie and Victor Tsao. It caters to home and small office networking products. In 2003, the company was acquired by Cisco Systems and rebranded the products as Linksys by Cisco. Later in 2013, Linksys was bought by another major networking company, Belkin. Being a popular brand, customers can find Linksys at their local retail stores like Wal-Mart and Best-Buy. These products are all over the internet, Amazon even has a huge selection of Linksys router models.

The products sold by Linksys ranging from routers to Wi-Fi range extenders have solid reputations. They come with a one-year warranty and customers can also avail of an extended warranty directly from the company.  The purchased unit will include an easy-to-use installer disc; the software will automatically detect the ISP connection from the modem and set up the router with the computer. In seldom cases that the installer disc does not do its job, customers can get in touch with a Linksys Technical Support Representatives by going through the Linksys website or by calling the hotline on the product’s box.

Ultimately, Linksys is the no. 1 brand choice of most consumers. The company’s Technical Support team is very accommodating and professional. They are just simply committed in giving every household a hassle-free wireless access and high speed Internet connection.

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