What is Frugal Cheese?

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 Frugal Cheese

Frugal cheese is a phrase used to refer to economical or cheap cheese. There are various ways of cutting down on the cost of cheese. One of those is making your own cheese at home. Knowing to make cheese from the comfort of your home means that you do not have to pay a high price to have fresh cheese. It is also a great way of ensuring that your cheese is not laden with preservatives. There are different types of cheese to explore for people opting to reduce cost by making their own cheese. Another way to be frugal in acquiring cheese is visiting the Whole Foods section. Just like most shops where cheese is sold, the cheese counter inside Whole Foods often gets cheese pieces that have odd shapes after cutting and packing pieces for sale. Irrespective of whether such pieces are too tiny to be sold on display or the cheese stock wasn’t bought as fast, the pieces are never disposed. What happens is that they are put on display in a cheese basket of ends and odds that is not popularly known. Often these are good for sampling any new cheese, added to baked potato or are used to prepare a grilled cheese dinner. The basket usually has as many varieties as they are on the cheese counter. They are priced lowly and can help you save money on cheese.

Storing your Cheese

Whether you decide to buy or make cheese at home, how you store the cheese really matters. First of all, avoid storing your cheese in a plastic bag as this suffocates the cheese. Cheese is a breathing, living thing and requires good circulation of air. Plastic bags also have a taste that easily passes on to the cheese. Instead, wrap your cheese with a cheese paper and place on a counter.

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