What is freeware?

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Freeware is a type of software that can be easily downloaded from internet free of cost. It is different from shareware in a way that shareware does require some payment in order to download the software from internet and it also has some usage limitations. Freeware does not require any payment or finance rather it needs a license. Every software has its own license and it comes with the restriction of reselling it, but redistribution is allowed to some extent. The freeware does not have any technical support facility with them neither they have any help menu.


Only those programs or software are available for free that are for personal use, whereas programs for business or office use usually come with a paid license. Users are always advised to read the terms and conditions of the license carefully in order to avoid any big responsibility or incident. The evolution of freeware started in the days when online businesses started on internet. The usage of freeware has become very much common now that some freeware are also available in staples in different online communities. Many freeware are now getting converted to shareware or adware to make profits and business on the internet. Several sites are available from where freeware can be easily downloaded but these sites do not provide shareware. For shareware, many other websites are available that only deal with shareware and them only sell shareware. These sites include Snap Files, ZDNet, and TcCows. Other than shareware, freeware are also getting converted to adware so that the people or companies who are selling freeware will get their commission per bundle of software.

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