What is CSC?

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Card Security Code

CSC is the abbreviation for Card Security Code. CSC is a crucial online security feature appearing at the back of MasterCard, Visa, Switch, JCB or Solo Card and on front side of AmericanExpress cards. This recent code has 3 to 4 digits that provide cryptographic scans on information imprinted on a card. A CSC code is necessary because it helps verify that the person placing an order on the internet is the actual owner of the credit card and that the debit or credit card account is genuine.

How the Card Security Provides Security

The security code is not attached to the magnetic strip and does not reflect on billing statements or sales receipts, it is only imprinted on the card. To use the code, one must have the card in their possession. The code is not raised hence are not probed into ordinary card readers. Ideally, the numbers are visible to the card holder only. When a card hold hands the card over to the merchant, he or she helps the merchant verify they have placed the order and that they are the genuine card holders. It is unlawful for any merchant to retain a card holder’s security code. A merchant can only hold the security code for the period that it takes to bill an order after which there should be no code records.

Security Code Entry

Where the security code appears on the card, one has to key it in. Cards such as MasterCard, Switch, AmericanExpress and Solo do require online stores to get security codes for each card that has a printed code. To process and accept a transaction, card holders have to enter the code for protection purposes. Where it is not possible to view the codes on the card, users are advised to enter letter ‘l’ which means ‘illegible’ on the CVV section. This helps the bank in knowing the number is present but is not legible. Putting an ‘X’ may cause the bank to reject the sale.

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