What is Cinemark XD?

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Cinemark XD

Cinemark XD is a term used to refer to Cinemark’s new approach to screening movies. XD is an abbreviation of Extreme Digital. Cinemark XD is a product of Cinemark USA Inc, a group of movie theatres that belongs to Cinemark Holdings, Inc. Cinemark Holdings, Inc operates in the Americas, both North and South, as well as Taiwan. Its headquarters are in Texas, USA. By December, 2012, Cinemark had the 3rd largest circuit in the US with 334 movie theatres, 4457 screens across 40 states. Within Latin America, Cinemark is the most diverse circuit in terms of geographical coverage with 148 theatres, 1106 screens across 12 countries. Globally, it is the second largest and the biggest movie theatre group in Brazil. Cinemark runs movie theatres under brands such as Tinseltown USA, Rave Cinemas, Century Theatres and CineArts. Cinemark was founded by Lee Roy Mitchell in 1984. It started as a chain of movie theatres in Utah, Texas and California. It grew into the 3rd largest chain in the US through acquisitions and construction of new movie theatres.

How Cinemark XD works

Cinemark XD was introduced to the market in 2009. Cinemark XD is a concept that involves screening of movies on a large screen. Cinemark plans to install large screens in numerous well performing places across the globe. Cinemark XD enables audiences to experience action in a different way. It offers a new level of entertainment to views on extra-large wall to wall screens that feature an entertainment environment with great comfort and wrap around sound systems. This ensures that each seat offers an intense sensual experience. By introducing Cinemark XD, Cinemark brought in a completely transformed and remodeled auditorium for movie funs such that every Cinemark XD movie theatre offers a state-of-the-art- movie experience. Cinemark XD theatres exhibit latest movies each week including RealD 3D and 2D.

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