What is brandy?

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Brandy is an alcoholic drink made from distilled grapes which have a higher proof compared to wines. The majority of the brandy being sold in the market comes from grape wine, but some are also made from the combined stems and seeds after the grapes were pressed. Some brandy manufacturers also use other fruits and ferment them until they become brandy.

The name brandy comes from brandewijn, a Dutch word that means “fire wine”.Brandy is very popular all over the world for many centuries now. It is mostly taken after dinner. It is said that brandy is best-taken after it has been warmed with the use of a small flame or candle prior to drinking this alcoholic drink.

The heat causes the brandy to taste stronger as well as for the alcohol to become even more liquid. But heating brandy has its downside, too. A heated brandy will not allow drinkers to enjoy the other subtle texture of this alcoholic drink.

More information about brandy

Many consider brandy as an extension of the lucrative industry of wine. Brandy can be made in different parts of the world since it uses grapes, a fruit that can be grown massively.

There are some places that produce brandy for their local market only such as in France for Cognac and in Greece for Metaxa. Many say that the best brandy around the world is Cognac. Popular and famous Cognac includes Rémy Martin, Hennessy and Courvoisier.

The production of Cognac is quite intricate since the grapes to be used or at least 90 percent of them should be Folle Blance, Ugni Blanc and Colombard. Distilling cognac also requires the use of copper pots.

American brandy is fast becoming popular, too. Most of the brandy produced from the US comes from California, the state that produces the best wines of America.

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