What is pyloric stenosis?

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Pyloric stenosis refers to the medical condition affecting the gastrointestinal tract of an infant. This condition causes the babies to vomit vigorously that can result in fluid and salt imbalances as well as dehydration. It is important that the patient get immediate treatment for this disease.

Pyloric stenosis explained

Pyloric stenosis happens when the pylorus narrows. The pylorus is the lower area of a stomach where the food passes through so it can go inside the small intestines. Babies who have pyloric stenosis experience an enlargement of their muscles located in the pylorus and that they take cannot pass through, and their stomach cannot be emptied.

Pyloric stenosis is also considered as an obstruction of the gastric outlet since there is something that is blocking the stomach leading to the intestines.

This medical condition is quite common. In fact, about three out of 1000 babies from the United States suffer this condition. Medical research shows that the pyloric stenosis is likely to occur four times among the first born male babies.

This disease also run in the family and can be inherited from a parent. Research suggests that babies whose parents suffered pyloric stenosis are likely to develop the same condition by 20 percent.

Caucasian babies are also more prone to develop compared to babies from another ethnic lineage.

Babies who suffer from this medical condition generally get the symptoms when they are three to five weeks of age.

Causes of pyloric stenosis

Medical experts believe that babies develop this disease rather than being born with it. It is developed when the pylorus thickens after babies are born. There are no known causes for the thickening of the muscles located in the pylorus. There are several factors that can cause the thickening such as the intake of erythromycin by babies after they are born or the intake of the said medicine by mothers while they are pregnant.

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