What is Miracle Whip?

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Miracle Whip

Miracle whip is a salad covering that was first made by Kraft Foods in 1933. Launched during the Chicago World Fair, Miracle Whip became incredibly famous and was popularized as a salad dressing for topping any type of salad. It was invented by Charles Chapman. Miracle whip is commonly used as a major ingredient in Mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is however mixed with other types of sugars, dressing and spices to produce a better mild taste with a sweet undertone. Miracle Whip has a tangy sweet taste that is perfect for sandwich and appetizer recipes. It blends well with potato salad and coleslaw recipes as well as banana bread and chocolate cakes. Miracle Whip is readily available in large markets and is packaged for different options such as squeeze bottles for those in a hurry.

A Long History

Some sources indicate that Miracle Whip’s history began as early as 1931. It is said that a person named Max Crosset made a salad dressing called ‘Mac Crosset’S X-tra Fine’. Crosset ran a café and he used this dressing there before selling it off to Kraft Foods. However, Kraft Foods refute this claim saying that this recipe was generated in-house. The company launched the product in public in 1993 during Chicago World Fair. A comprehensive germ-free kitchen was set up at the fair by Kraft Foods to enable visitors see how Miracle Whip is made. The company claims that the salad dressing is named after the machine made to facilitate its mass production. Just like mayonnaise, the salad dressing is an emulsion of sugar, oil, and eggs. However, it is a bit difficult to blend it to perfect consistency. The blending machine that blends all ingredients perfectly was crafted by an enterprising engineer. The machine was called ‘Miracle Whip’ and the name stuck with the product it produced.

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