What is Empowerment?

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Empowerment is a general term which means possessing or advancing strength and authority. In many fields of studies, empowerment may also mean the process of improving a person’s economical, social, educational, and social vigor. It enables one person to transform from being frail to a Supreme Being. It also means rising from the ground.

Empowerment is also a common principle in women movement and activism. For example, women empowerment means the acceptance of the women’s capabilities to lead and participate in economic and social aspect of the community. As part of gender equality endeavors, empowerment also means acknowledging the important role of women in leadership, training, and workforce.

In working environment or in the marketplace, it involves a concept of self-esteem and self-efficacy. It is manifested by giving clients a power to decide, make a choice, and participate in organizational changes. It is composed of actions which are necessary for individuals to build collective assets and improve fairness, competence, and efficiency.

Empowerment of the public means affording everyone with their basic human rights, such as access to information and the chance to participate in nation-building. There are numerous elements that make up empowerment. These include the power to assert, feeling of being able to make a difference, learning to think sharply, ability to mingle with groups, ability to change oneself for the better, capacity to initiate growth, and courage to overcome stigma. For example, an empowered person can easily welcome changes and move with the course of life. Because of their ability to recover from pressure and advance their goals, they often end up successfully. However, less empowered persons may appear to be shy and less productive. For this reason, they are often the target of different civic and socio-cultural organizations, with the aim to let them grow and develop as individuals.

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