What is atieclxx.exe?

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Atieclxx.exe is an executable file associated with AMD or Advanced Micro Devices, a known manufacturer of computer chips and other computer hardware components. In the case of atieclxx.exe, this particular file functions to support the video cards of AMD specifically those that belong to the External Events client module. This particular file is basically required by the video card to give it efficient performance. It does not provide a primary contribution in terms video graphics but provides essential performance boost as a subsidiary file.

In modern computers, video graphic cards are often required for various applications that need extensive use of graphics. When playing online video games for example, generic video cards installed on the computer may not be able to support the display format. With the need for upgrading video hardware, graphic card components like those from AMD may be installed depending on the software needs of the person. The software display or graphic requirements must basically work seamlessly and efficiently with the appropriate amount of power or performance from the video or graphics card. With the help of atieclxx.exe, the performance of AMD computer graphics cards will be enhanced or improved. AMD’s ATI line of chips and video card components come in various variants or models depending on important features like core clock and memory clock readings along with performance elements like transfer rate or overall speed.

The problem with atieclxx.exe is when it becomes corrupted with a virus or some type of malware. When this happens, various errors may pop out in the computer screen pointing to this particular file. With so many errors pointing to this file, some people may suspect it as type of virus being an executable file itself. Being a non-essential file, stopping this particular file does not cause any harm to the computer. If suspected of being infected by a virus, removal of this fire may be necessary.