Who is Big Meech?

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Big Meech is the nickname of Demetrius Flenory, one of two founding brothers of the BMF, or Black Mafia Family. Demetrius, or Big Meech, along with his younger brother Terry were involved in the selling of illegal drugs starting in the late 1980s.  Their drug trafficking activities were said to have started in their hometown of Detroit, Michigan, but they were able to put up several distribution centers in various cities across the U.S.

Big Meech was still in high school when he started selling cocaine on the streets of Detroit. Along with his brother, Big Meech became a notorious drug dealer not only in Detroit but also in other cities in the U.S.  He was able to distribute illegal drugs in various key areas in the U.S. including the states of; California, Florida, Ohio, and Texas among many others.

The BMF also penetrated hip-hop music to sort of legitimize its drug trafficking activities.  Through the company called BMF Entertainment, many artists became part of the promotional lineup.  For more than a decade, the BMF grew with more members making Big Meech and his brother even more famous and notorious.  He split with his brother, though, in the early part of 2001. Back then, Big Meech was stationed in Atlanta while his brother moved to California because of internal disputes.  His brother Terry would go on to form his own drug organization on the U.S. West Coast.

By 2005, Big Meech and his brother were charged and sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment by the U.S. DEA or Drug Enforcement Agency.  Other members of the BMF were also part of those charged and indicted with drug trafficking activities.  The DEA continued its hunt for Big Meech’s associates until the last member of the group was arrested in 2009.  It was reported that Big Meech and other members of the BMF were involved in various drug trafficking and violent activities during their so-called heydays.

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