What it distilled water?

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Distilled water is the water produced from the process of distillation wherein water is boiled first and then the resulting steam will be collected into another container.  This second container will then hold the distilled water.  The process of distillation may be done several times in order to remove possible microbes and/or impurities in the water.  This water purification process is considered very effective in making the water clean and almost pure.  Along with the impurities, the minerals that may be part of the water will also be removed during the distillation process. This is the reason why many people consider distilled water as very clean or purified water.

The process of producing distilled water was said to have originated during the time of Aristotle.  Back in 200 AD, salt water was desalinated through the steaming process or distillation.  In order to produce potable and drinking water, people in the past were successfully able to remove the salt and other impurities of sea water and produced what is known as distilled water.  Over the years since its discovery, distillation of water continues to be considered as the most effective way of removing the impurities from water.  Other methods were used by scientists and chemists including de-ionization and filtration processes but nothing is said to be comparable to the process of distillation especially that of double-distillation.  Deionization will only remove the unwanted ions and various filtration processes are able to remove unwanted microbes but the resulting water is not as pure as that of distilled water.

With its reputation as the best in terms of purification, distilled water is often recommended by many doctors and health experts for those who have certain medical conditions like diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems.  Pediatricians also often suggest to new mothers to only use distilled water when preparing their baby’s formula milk.

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