What is Zyrtec?

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Zyrtec is a type of anti-histamine drug with no sedative effects.  It contains the active ingredient Cetirizine which functions to block the action of histamine receptors in various cells of the body.  Whenever a person experiences an allergic reaction to food or other substances for example, histamine receptors in the body will be excited and cause various symptoms including itching, rashes, and watery eyes among many others. With intake of  Zyrtec, the histamine receptors in the cells will be blocked and therefore result to some symptom relief.

The common cold is considered a basic symptom of allergic reactions and this condition may be treated with Zyrtec.  People who frequently sneeze and have runny nose along with watery eyes may also respond well to Zyrtec if these symptoms are secondary to exposure to known allergens like dust or pollen from flowers for example.  Allergic reactions from various substances in food may also cause itching in various parts of the body along with red rashes on the skin.  These allergic symptoms may also be treated with Zyrtec.  Zyrtec may also be prescribed for people with hives or chronic urticaria.

Zyrtec may be non-sedating but doctors do not recommend people to drive or operate heavy machinery while under treatment. This is secondary to the fact that the active ingredient cetirizine may cause impairment of people’s thoughts and reactions.  The intake of alcoholic drinks is also not permitted when under Zyrtec treatment as this may further enhance the effect of the drug on the body in terms of alertness.  For people who are taking sleeping pills and other narcotic drugs, caution must also be taken before taking Zyrtec.  For safety reasons, patients need to seek doctor’s advice and approval when there are concerns regarding drug interactions.  Pregnant women must also seek their doctor’s advice as cetirizine may be passed onto breast milk.

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