What is Zoosk?A Simple Review

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What is Zoosk? ‘ A Simple Review

Zoosk is a fresh and popular internet dating website. The program is not just your usual dating website. Zoosk is an intelligent internet program that makes use of popular social networking websites with the likes of MySpace and Facebook. In short, Zoosk is both an internet dating and social networking website with third-party applications tied with several social networking services.

Zoosk is a dating service that is subscription-based. However, people who just want to post a profile and browse other profiles without paying can signup free. There are also some paid services offered by the website. Those non-paying members can pay for these services using a virtual currency.

For a brief history, two people are behind the success of the website. On December 2007, Alex Mehr and Shayan Zadeh started the company. Initially, it was just a third-party application on Facebook for dating. Zoosk had been popular that in May 2010, T-Pain and Flo Rida, both Grammy Award winners, released a song Zoosk Girl. Zoosk inspired the song. In just a span of three years, Zoosk made signups of more than a million users.

In 2009, Open Web gave the website ‘People’s Choice Award ’09’. It was given due to their creativity and innovation in online dating and relationship industry. In the past few years, online dating services have not much features. All they had to offer are forums and other few extra functions. Most users find the online dating services inefficient.

However, Zoosk made a different approach in offering their online dating service. The feature that made the site stand out from the rest is social networking. The move of integrating social networking with their online dating service made users more than satisfied. The integration of social networks gives users a more personal approach in finding their match.

Zoosk allows user to check photos and enables them to speak with other users personally. It is a new innovative way to let users discover things about their chosen match. It is like getting to know things users have in common, but the difference is that users are always in control in choosing their match.

Another good thing about Zoosk is that it has a large amount of single men and women that are active members. Currently, the online dating site has over 40 million signups and the count is still rising every single day. Having this amount of users will mean that members seeking for a match will have countless opportunities to find their perfect match. Other sites have just over a few thousands compared to Zoosk’s more than 40 million users.

Moreover, members of Zoosk are all active users. Unlike many traditional online dating sites, their members are not all considered as active. The reason for this is that users in traditional online dating sites may just visit their profile just once or twice a week. It is because they have nothing much to do or explore in the website. Zoosk is different, because of the integration to social networks, like Facebook and Myspace; users will definitely view profiles almost daily. In addition, the number of these active members will continue to rise because the site is integrated with social networks. This means people signing up for Facebook and Myspace will always be a potential user of Zoosk.

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