What is Zoo York?

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What is Zoo York?
Zoo York simply refers to the social philosophy as well as the style which is basically a product of the New York City subculture graffiti art. This concept is inspired by the said art particularly in the 1970s. The expression was originally coined and derived from the subway tunnel that runs underneath the entire area of the Central Park Zoo. The tunnel is referred to as the Zoo York Tunnel or in its more common term, the ‘Zoo York’. The venue is generally one of the must see and sought after spots for old school or the early graffiti writers at the time.

These are writers who basically hung out and interact with hippies who flock the Central Park Bandshell. This is very much common and prevalent especially during the late eras of the 1960s and the entire 1970 period.

Zoo York is primarily used by Marc Andre Edmonds who is more popularly known as the rapper ALI. This expression is the graffiti pioneer and an authority in the said industry. He is also the founder of the group known as Soul Artists. The tunnel in the subway is now referred to as a perfect venue which offers the ‘scene’ for most graffiti artists during the night who are part of the Manhattan crews. The tunnel is also known as the ‘cut-and-cover’ type of construction project ripping through the Central Park. This occurs during the years 1971 and 1973. It was during the construction of the tunnel when it was not heavily guarded especially during the night.

Zoo York came to be as the secret environment where you could find invading kids who like to climb up the walls and enter the premises. Best of all, it is where artists gather to produce scrawl graffiti on all the tunnel walls.

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