What is Zolpidem?

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Zolpidem is a potent drug that is commonly prescribed for people who have insomnia or difficulty in sleeping.  Usual treatment with Zolpidem will last only for a few weeks as it is often prescribed only as a short-term management for sleeping problems.  In some cases, doctors may also prescribe Zolpidem for patients with mild brain disorders.  Classified as a sedative and a hypnotic drug, Zolpidem may only be prescribed for adults who have difficulty getting to sleep or getting quality sleep at night.  Zolpidem’s sedative and calming effect will help people relax at night and sleep faster and better.  The main benefit of Zolpidem is in the initiation stage of sleep.  This simply means that taking this drug will help people who have insomnia to get sedated and calm faster and therefore sleep faster.

Most treatments with Zolpidem will last for only a few weeks.  It is extremely rare for doctors to prescribe Zolpidem for long periods.  This is simply due to the addictive tendencies of sedative drugs like Zolpidem.  People who take this drug may get too dependent on its calming and sedative effect and therefore may develop some kind of addiction to the drug.  There are also various side effects when taking Zolpidem and these include dizziness, hallucinations, and delusions.  Some people may also have the tendency to overeat because of appetite stimulation. With its action on the brain, Zolpidem treatment may also result to altered thought processes, amnesia, movement and balance problems.  Withdrawal symptoms also include nausea, headaches, and memory problems.

As with other narcotic and sedative drugs, people who undergo Zolpidem treatment are cautioned when doing activities that require alertness and concentration.  These activities may include driving and operating big machines.  Elderly patients should also be supervised by caregivers when under Zolpidem treatment as they are more at risk of developing balance problems while walking along with various cognitive and brain function concerns.

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