What is Zimbra?

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What is Zimbra?
Zimbra is a software that combines the features of email, calendars, and address books. Through integration of these three basic features, the software helps individuals and companies in terms of increased productivity and functionality.

Zimbra is developed by a company with the same name in 2003. The company holds its office in San Mateo, California. This particular company was bought by Yahoo! back in 2007 and later by VMWare in 2010. To date, Zimbra’s web-based integration of email, contacts, and calendars have attracted more than 50 million users and subscribers through the product called “Zimbra Collaboration Suite” or “ZCS”.

Through ZCS, users can share documents and files online and offline, view common tasks lists, and chat with those inside the network. The good thing about Zimbra is that a user can virtually work from anywhere and any part of the world since the service is web-based. Zimbra can also easily be synchronized with other email services and providers like Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird. But besides synching with other email programs, one can also synch with mobile gadgets such as the iPhone and the Blackberry.

Zimbra Collaboration Server also makes it easy for administrators in terms of configurations and network management. This means a reduced network maintenance cost with added configuration flexibility. Not to mention that the Zimbra platform offers tight security, full backup, migration, and restoration services. Another feature that results to cost-effectiveness is Zimbra’s ability to integrate with existing email platforms. So one company doesn’t have to discard all software and licenses for a particular email service provider just to avail of Zimbra’s multi-feature collaboration. Another great news for administrators is that Zimbra allows for server and storage consolidation. This means that only one copy of a particular email message is stored on a per server basis, rather than multiple copies being stored per user or storage group. This setup will also mean greater optimization of the software and hardware resources.

But the best thing for most people is that Zimbra offers the same experience all across different platforms and operating systems. Whether one is using Windows OS, Mac OS, or Linux, and has existing email service providers, Zimbra works just fine, integrating the necessary features and specifications.

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